Research to Publication


Research to Publication is a research methodology and publishing programme specifically designed for doctors and healthcare researchers. It develops research skills and helps researchers to get papers published in high-quality journals.

Approximately 85% of health research is wasted, usually, because it asks the wrong questions, is badly designed, not published, or poorly reported. Many causes of this waste are simple problems that could easily be fixed, such as appropriate randomization or blinding of a clinical trial. And then there’s waste in publishing. Editors reject papers because research questions and methods are poor, and papers get retracted because they’re unusable or untrustworthy.

Research to Publication can help.

The programme, made up of 8 multimedia courses, is focused entirely on healthcare research. BMJ’s research editors and UCSF’s academics, guide learners through the entire process from designing a study, to seeing it published in an international journal.

Interactive self-study modules give learners the skills necessary to conduct investigations and overcome the challenges associated with getting published in international journals.