IEEE English for Engineering


Advance technical communication skills necessary for speaking,  reading, writing, and listening to English. English is recognized as the international language of science and engineering. As technology advances globally, engineers must be able to communicate across national and cultural boundaries. English is the vehicle for professionals advancing technology today.

Improving the ability to speak, read, and write in English can affect research, collaboration, instruction, and ultimately help researchers achieve success. To address this need, IEEE has partnered with Cambridge University Press to create an interactive program of engaging online English instruction for engineers, technical students, and faculty.

Develop English skills in four areas:

  • Speaking in technical English
  • Listening and comprehension
  • Technical writing
  • Reading and understanding technical publications and communications

Benefits of IEEE English for Engineering:

  • Communicate effectively and share ideas with colleagues
  • Strengthen written English communication skills, which can help authors and researchers effectively share their research results
  • Enable greater collaboration with global research teams
  • Learn to communicate effectively, lead classroom conversations, lectures, and assess assignments and projects
  • Build confidence and the necessary communication skills for job performance and career advancement
  • Develop more effective verbal communication skills and enhanced presentation capabilities
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