Morgan & Claypool Synthesis eBooks Library


Keep current on a wide variety of technology areas with approximately 1,025 titles synthesizing important research on developing topics. Authored by expert contributors in the field, this library is organized by collection. Each collection is managed by a consulting editor who oversees topic choices, author selection, and the peer review process to assure quality.

These collections connect quantitative data with qualitative data and also extend into areas such as ethics, economics,  and technology’s impact on society.

A sampling of some new titles:

  • Cloth Simulation for Computer Graphics
  • Demystifying OWL for the Enterprise
  • Design, Representations, and Processing for Additive Manufacturing
  • Essential Engineering Thermodynamics: A Student’s Guide
  • Predicting Human Decision-Making: From Prediction to Action
  • Sensor Analysis for the Internet of Things
  • Smart Charging and Anti-Idling Systems
  • Smartphone-Based Real-Time Digital Signal Processing

Quick Facts

  • Approximately 1,025 titles, with a focus on computer science and  engineering innovations
  • Backlist to 2006
  • Each eBook title is delivered as one complete PDF
  • Synthesis ties the best of quantitative data with the best of qualitative data
  • Approximately 100 titles per collection, with new collections added regularly