MyLOFT is a universal system for providing students with remote access to all scientific online resources to which your university is subscribed. The end-to-end MyLOFT solution provides seamless and reliable access to your library of subscribed electronic resources and scientific articles through a single application. MyLOFT allows you to save your professional or personal collections of digital literature on your computer for access at any convenient time and in any convenient place.


A single login for all your electronic resources.

Log in once to the MyLOFT mobile app and / or Google Chrome extension to have direct access to all of your subscription e-resources anytime, anywhere.

Extensive coverage when searching for information.

The integrated search box will allow you to ensure the maximum coverage of your queries since the search will be carried out in all subscription databases that your organization has.


When we say “anytime, anywhere”, we mean it literally. Our technology will allow you to access the library’s subscription content whether you are on campus, at home, or at your favorite classroom.


Save your electronic content in the MyLOFT app for offline access without the internet on your computer or smartphone.