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NewsBank consolidates current and archived information from thousands of newspaper titles, as well as newswires, web editions, blogs, videos, broadcast transcripts, business journals, periodicals, government documents and other publications. Using these online resources, researchers in libraries around the world can easily explore tens of millions of current and archived news articles and obituaries in order to pinpoint information from primary sources at the local, state, regional, national and international levels. NewsBank also offers online educational resources covering all academic curricula. Aligned with state standards and targeting all subject areas, NewsBank’s school-focused solutions include primary sources and inquiry-based projects that support learning, enhance research and help develop critical thinking skills.

Access Global NewsBank: 2021 Edition is designed to deliver broad and varied perspectives from sources across the globe. This resource supports research across a wide range of subject areas, including Political Science, Journalism, History, Environmental Studies, Sociology, Economics, Education, Business, Health, Social Sciences and more. It is the most comprehensive collection of its kind, with more than 7,000 global news sources covering over 200 countries and territories.

NewsBank Collections:

America’s News; Access World News; Access World News: Research Collection; Hometown News; Acceda Noticias; Access Blogs; Access Business News; Access Military, Government & Defense; Armed Services and Government News; Access U.S. Broadcast Transcripts; Access U.S. Newswires; Газеты в микрофильмах; Advancement Services; Access Your Local News; Access Your Local News; America’s Historical Newspapers, 1690-2000; Boston Metro Collection; Los Angeles Metro Collection; America’s GenealogyBank; America’s Obituaries & Death Notices; KidsPage and Connections for Kids; Science Source Collection; Local Historical Newspaper Archives; Special Collections; UN Connections; Special Reports.